New York, USA

12 Oct

500_NYThe year was 2001. Yes, the infamous 9/11 year. The month was May. Me and a couple of friends took a two week trip to some cities on the East Coast of the USA. The first stop was New York City. And what a city.

Sadly, we were on a tight schedule and, if I remember correctly, we only had four days there. We tried to sample as much as we could in the short time we had:

  • Museums (Guggenheim, Met, MoMa),
  • a mandatory walk in Central Park,
  • walking tours on the most iconic neighborhoods and avenues,
  • a musical on Broadway,
  • going up the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.

New York is a city like no other. The feeling I got while there was really unique. I would have to visit once more to know if I’d like to live there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I would. It caters to every taste and style of living, and it has loads of culture and events.

I was to briefly stop by New York in September (YES) 2001, on the way back from San Francisco, as I wrote elsewhere.

This is one of the cities where I felt like most at home, just like I do in London. It is somewhere I’ll go back to as soon as possible, who knows if to spend a bit more time.


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